Taxan KG-PL105S Projector


A perfect choice for boardroom conferences and presentations, the
Taxan KG-PL105S Projector is convenient to carry and easy to use. Not
only its small, lightweight body makes it a must-have, but also the
use of top notch LED light source technology and the short focus lens
DLP projector. Just a few inches bigger than your mobile phone, the
petite and mobile projector supports a brightness of 140lm, a
resolution of SVGA 800X600, about 3000 hours lamp life, low power
support and eco-friendly light source. The KG-PL105S Projector also
comes with Power ON / OFF, with about 5 seconds, for giving
presentations conveniently and trouble free,.


Take a glance of its specifications-

Projection lens- ZUMU?F2.3 / f = 15.17mm

Focus adjustment method­- Manual

Color reproducibility­-Full color (1,677 million colors)

Contrast ratio-1400:1

Audio output-1.0 W (mono)

Power consumption­-Rated: 100 W, Eco-mode: 62 W