Tascam CD200i Rack Mountable CD Player

Tascam unveils a rack mountable CD player which boasts of a pop-out dock that can support any Apple iPod which has become an added gadget to deliver audio and videos today. It recognizes most media file formats like MP3s and WAV files.

The whole bundle comes with a front panel and wireless remote control that can control the contents of iPods that are docked into it. Like most iPod docking stations, the Tascam CD200i can also recharge iPods when engaged.

Lastly, if you have videos, the CD200i can also accommodate them through its S-video connection at the back. The CD player uses the new TEAC CD-5020A transport, custom-designed for audio playback with a smooth loading drawer and low clamping noise. The internal clock has been improved for a smoother sound and decreased jitter.

(Source) Oh Gizmo