Tales From the Pirate Wars: An Actual Theater Cammer

Okay, folks…you know how I was explaining before about people who took their cameras in with them to tape theatrically released movies? How it’s a highly dangerous and illegal kind of movie piracy because you have to do it right out in the open where anyone can see you and report you and get you quite thoroughly busted?  Well, someone got picked up taping a movie, and it’s going to cost her BIG.

She’s out on ten thousand dollars bail right now, charged with a class IV felony, one count of criminal use of a motion picture exhibition.  You never actually expect to see one of these folks…nor do you expect to see that kind of penalty attached.  A felony.  Over taping a movie.  Scuse me if  I don’t think there’s a better use of my tax dollars than locking people up over this kind of thing.

And I’m being somewhat restrained, lest you read this at work.  Well, as long as the RIAA and MPAA have more and better lawyers than the rest of us, I guess we’ll keep seeing this sort of idiocy for a long time to come.