Xindak MT-3 Tube Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Specifications: Tube: EL34*4, 12AX7*1, 6N8P (6SN7GT)*2 Output power: 18wpc (Triode), 40wpc (Pentode) THD: 0.2%(1KHz) Frequency Response: 10Hz~70KHz SNR: 89dB Input […]

Harman Kardon Citation II

Harman Kardon Citation II Tube Amplifier

Original Specifications: Manufactured between 1959-1962 Power Output: 60 watts/channel Frequency Response @ 60W: 18Hz to 40,000 Hz +0, /-1.0 dB […]

Dignity Audio DA08SE SET Tube Amplifier review

Dignity Audio DA08SE SET Tube Amplifier

Since its inception, Monarchy Audio has developed a strong relationship with manufacturers in Asia. Several Monarchy components are built in […]

Monarchy NM 24 DAC/Line Stage review

Monarchy NM24 DAC/Line Stage

The January issue contained a review of the Monarchy Audio M24, which is essentially a DAC and an active line-stage […]