I have seen Thanko products before like the AV Bank Portable Media Player and the Cooler Keyboard. Now they have […]

A USB HDD Enclosure From Thanko

Recently, the USB 3.0 HDD Enclosure from Thanko became available at GeekStuff4U. It’s measured at 125mm x 15mm x 75mm […]

Thanko HDD Media Player

Thanko unveils a new media device with the Thanko HDD media player. It doubles up as a cradle for 2.5” […]

Thanko Presents USB Turntable Recorder

Now you can digitalize your vinyl record collection without any hassle with the new Thanko’s USB turntable recorder. The USB […]

HDD Media Player 2 from Thanko

The device in the picture is Thanko’s HDD Media Player 2. It will let you play media files straight from […]

Thanko Cooler Keyboard

Prolonged uses of keyboards often leave your hands tiring and sweating, but the latest Thanko Cooler Keyboard believes in letting […]