Klipsch Reference RF-63 Speakers

Klipsch recently exhibited its new reference series RF-63 a successor of ‘RF-7′, in Korea market during ‘Eyear Show 2007′ in […]

Algonquin Outdoor Speakers

.Axiom brings its award-winning Axiom sound to your home by introducing Axiom Algonquin Outdoor Speaker. The new speakers are sturdy […]

KEF Muon Speakers

.KEF’S Senior Acoustic Engineer Andrew Wilson says “We wanted to take our technology to the limit and develop it further”. […]

i-Dear Wooden Speakers

. Korean manufacturers have recently introduced small speakers delivering sound to amaze you. These speakers are made up of wood […]

Pioneer TAD Reference One Speakers

.Pioneer has boastingly announced its latest speakers TAD (Technical Audio Devices). The speakers are made from rare natural wood used […]

Sony SS-AR1 Floor Speakers

Sony promises the ultimate listening experience via its new SS-AR1 Floor Speakers. The speakers are housed in Hokkaido maple wood […]