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Fritz Grove Loudspeakers

Some trees grow in a jungle, some grow in a forest, and in California, where Fritz lives, the larger more majestic trees (the Giant Sequoia and the Redwood) grow in groves. All speakers in the Fritz lineup are hand-built in the US using high-quality drivers; the prices range from just under a grand per pair
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From the Pulpit

Of Carroll Shelby, phono cartridge loading, and my budget reference system… Firstly, regarding Carroll Shelby: For those that may not know, Mr. Shelby passed away on May 10 (a day I will always remember as it is my birthday). Rather than try to sum up his life in a single page (which would be impossible
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Orbit-M Speakers

Iskynetworks, a Korean Company has announced the launch of its compact Orbit-M Speakers for your MP3 player, PMP and Notebook. Bearing the technology of Altec Lansing, the speakers ooze out high quality sound.

Polk Audio Atrium 45 all-weather speakers

GREAT PAIR OF AFFORDABLE OUTDOOR SPEAKERS High quality sound for an affordable price is hard to beat and not many similar speakers manage to. The rustproof hardware and the weatherproof interior are good but they could have come with the screws needed for mounting.

ADAM Audio A3X Active Closefield Monitors

The reality of many modern home/personal studios is that there’s not a lot of room for large speakers. With that in mind, ADAM Audio introduces the A3X closefield powered monitor ($299 each, street). The A3X is ADAM’s smallest speaker ever and the least expensive of their affordably priced product line, the AX Series.

Revel Ultima Studio2 Loudspeakers

Mama said you only get one chance to make a first impression. That is certainly true by Alan Silverman for a loudspeaker, and I expect I’ll never forget the startling experience of hearing Revel’s Ultima Studio2 loudspeakers in my mastering room for the first time. [For the uninitiated, Revel is a Harman-owned company alongside pro
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Electro-Voice ZXA1-90 Two-Way Loudspeaker

The E-V ZXA1-90 is a small (17.88 x 11.12 x 10.38 inches), amplified, two-way loudspeaker built for portable sound reinforcement applications, which utilizes the EV8L 8-inch woofer and the DH2005 1-inch exit compression driver, the latter of which is a titanium diaphragm tweeter coupled with a rotatable 90 x 50 degree waveguide.

KRK Systems R6 Reference Monitor Speaker

While almost driven to the brink of extinction by the overwhelming popularity of modern active (powered) nearfield studio monitors, passive (non-powered) models remain very useful mixing tools and the folks at KRK Systems, among other manufacturers, realize that. Thus KRK’s R6 Reference Monitor Speaker offers impressive performance at what I find is an incredible value
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