Audiophile Output on Mac OSX

Well, I was reading a bit about the Core Audio driver, which is the heart of the Macintosh OSX audio […]

Minnetonka Discwelder Steel.

Two of the major problems with high-resolution audio formats are the relative cost of entry and ease of use. Anyone […]

Kind Of Loud Smartcode Pro.

Digidesign’s Pro Tools has become a way of life for most modern recordists, and with the recent release of version […]

Sony Oxford Plug-ins.

Sony has entered the world of plug-ins with their new OFX-R3 EQ release, with optional GML 8200 emulation. Currently for […]

SRS Circle Surround VST Pro Plug-in.

Although many audio professionals may not be aware, in the last ten years SRS Labs has become a behind-the-scenes audio […]

waves 360 surround

Waves 360° Surround Toolkit

Designed exclusively for Digidesign’s Pro Tools HD and Mix Systems, Waves LTD recently released their 360° Surround Tool kit for […]