Panasonic SC-HTR100-K Rack Theater

.Panasonic SC-HTR100-K is a black colored small sized Home Theater Rack recently announced by the company. It consumes 110W electric […]

Panasonic SC-HTR500-K 3.1ch Rack Theater

. Panasonic SC-HTR500-K 3.1ch Rack Theater is hitting the stores coming September. For delivering clear playback the Rack Theater features […]

CF-1000 Wide Rack

. CF-1000 Wide Rack This contemporary Composite CF-1000 Wide Rack is from Composite Products and is a 60-inch-wide anti-vibration system […]

Sony NHS-2040 Home Theater Rack

Sony brings its new NHS-2040 Home Theater Rack for home theater enthusiasts. NHS-2040 features Three Additional auxiliary inputs, 7.1 HDMI […]

Sony NHS-1040 Home Theater Rack

Sony has recently come up with cost effective high-definition video entertainment solution NHS-1040 Home Theater Rack. Featuring up to 13 […]

Sony NHS-A30C rack system

Sony recently unveiled its pre-wired, pre-racked and pre-integrated NHS-A30C rack system for the entire house high definition entertainment and control. […]

Sony G1500 Home Theater Rack

. Sony expanded its ‘invisible home cinema’ range with G1500 Home theater rack equipped with FM Tuner. All the amplification […]

Sony RHT-G900 Sound Rack

. Sony expands its BRAVIA theatre “hidden speaker” range by unveiling RHT-G9000 sound rack. Turn your flat screen TV into […]

Sony NHS-3040 Home Theater Rack

Sony’s new release NHS-3040 lets the consumers fill their home with an array of music, TV, and video entertainment. The […]