Princeton Presents New LCDs

Princeton, a Japanese manufacturer recently rolled out two new LCD’s in the market. The Princeton PTFBGF-23W and PTFBGF-23RW boast a […]

Princeton PTFBSF-19RW Monitor

Princeton, Japanese Company, recently unveiled its latest PTFBSF-19RW Monitor of 19 inch screen size. Expected to be available from 2008 […]

Princeton PSP-DW Stereo Speakers

Princeton Technologies recently rolled out their new PSP-DW 2.0ch Stereo Speakers. The speakers boast a compact body just 50mm in […]

Princeton PTFBHF-22RW LCD Monitor

. Princeton announced that its 22-inch PTFBHF-22RW LCD Monitor will be made available from middle of August. The LCD features […]