AAXA Releases A Laser Pico Projector

Last year, AAXA Technologies launched the P1 Pico Projector. However, one significant problem with this device is that you were […]

Samsungs SP-H03 Pico Projector

When Samsung isn’t busy making some of the world’s most attractive displays, they are putting time into pico projector technology. […]

Unidens ULP1000 Pico Projector

Uniden has just come forth to announce their ULP1000 laser pico projector. This device can display a screen with a resolution of […]

CoolGTW18 pico projector cell phone

With all the talk over pico projectors gaining popularity it would only make sense that handset manufacturers would slap one […]

Pico projectors to cost $20?

We just recently saw the Optoma PK100 pico project get its price cut from $200 to $150 but are you […]

Acer Pico projector K-11

K-11 is the name of the new Pico projector developed by Acer, as you can imagine this is the big […]