Samsung PAVV LN46B630A6F LCD TV

Samsung Electronics unveils another LCD TV in the market with the Samsung PAVV LN46B630A6F. The Samsung PAVV LN46B630A6F LCD TV […]

Samsung PAVV Cannes 650 in Korea

Samsung Electronics has announced the Korean launch of its full HD PDP TV PAVV Cannes 650. It is available in […]

Samsung Armani/PAVV Full HD TV

. Armani and Samsung have extended their offering of premium products by announcing the launch of Armani/PAVV Full HD TV […]

Samsung PAVV Cannes 450 TV

. Samsung has announced the availability of its latest 3D PAVV series Cannes 450 LCD TC in the Korea market. […]

Samsung PAVV Cannes SPD-50P91FHD

. Samsung Electronics recently introduced its 50-inch full HD PDP TV ‘PAVV Cannes SPD-50P91FHD in Korea market. Built on latest […]