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Fritz Grove Loudspeakers

Some trees grow in a jungle, some grow in a forest, and in California, where Fritz lives, the larger more majestic trees (the Giant Sequoia and the Redwood) grow in groves. All speakers in the Fritz lineup are hand-built in the US using high-quality drivers; the prices range from just under a grand per pair
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Revel Ultima Studio2 Loudspeakers

Mama said you only get one chance to make a first impression. That is certainly true by Alan Silverman for a loudspeaker, and I expect I’ll never forget the startling experience of hearing Revel’s Ultima Studio2 loudspeakers in my mastering room for the first time. [For the uninitiated, Revel is a Harman-owned company alongside pro
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Electro-Voice ZXA1-90 Two-Way Loudspeaker

The E-V ZXA1-90 is a small (17.88 x 11.12 x 10.38 inches), amplified, two-way loudspeaker built for portable sound reinforcement applications, which utilizes the EV8L 8-inch woofer and the DH2005 1-inch exit compression driver, the latter of which is a titanium diaphragm tweeter coupled with a rotatable 90 x 50 degree waveguide.

KRK Systems R6 Reference Monitor Speaker

While almost driven to the brink of extinction by the overwhelming popularity of modern active (powered) nearfield studio monitors, passive (non-powered) models remain very useful mixing tools and the folks at KRK Systems, among other manufacturers, realize that. Thus KRK’s R6 Reference Monitor Speaker offers impressive performance at what I find is an incredible value
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Turbosound Milan M15 Powered Loudspeaker

West Sussex, U.K.-based Turbosound is not a company I can easily associate with portable PA products. The first thing I think of when I see Turbosound’s distinctive logo is Iron Maiden’s World Slavery Tour of 1984/1985 — one of the longest tours in rock ’n’ roll history — and its massive, incredible Turbosound rig. And
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ACI Emerald XL mini-monitors

Specifications: Frequency Response: 70-20kHz ± 3db anechoic, Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms, minimum impedance 7 ohms, low reactance Sensitivity: 86db 1 watt/1 meter Dimensions: 10″ H x 5 7/8″ W x 8 1/4″ D Weight: 11 lbs each Tweeter: 1″ silk dome with ferro-fluid and aperiodic second chamber Bass-Midrange: 4″ cast-frame with paper cone, rubber surround;
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Elemental Designs A6-6T6 Monitors

Specifications:  Max Power-200w Min Power-15w Nominal Impedance-6 Ohm Sensitivity: 89.6db Tweeter: 1.3 inch Silk Dome Midrange Drivers: (2) 6 inch Poly Cabinet type: Dual vented Frequency Response: 50-22Khz =/-3db Measurements: 22.4 in H x 8.65 in W x 9 in D Weight: 42lbs pair Price: $365 pair Growing up in a small community my parents
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Usher S520 Monitors

The Usher S520 is a nice high quality bookshelf monitor that is manufactured in Taiwan. These speakers were designed by Ushers’s Tsai Lien Shui, in collaboration with Dr. Joseph D’Appolito, who is based in the United States. This modestly priced speaker caught my eye when I was looking for a high quality speaker to audition
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Polk Audio LSi9 Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Setup: The Polk Audio LSi9 Speakers were setup on makeshift (err…redneck) stands that placed the tweeter at ear level. My apologies for the cheesy stands, but I haven’t owned a standmounted bookshelf since 1992. Front baffles were approx 4′ from the rear wall, 5′ from side walls, 7′ apart, and 8′ from the listening position
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