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Kef q6c center speaker

Q SERIES CENTER SPEAKER The Q6c does just what a center speaker should; it matches perfectly with the main speakers, and smoothly transitions the front of your system into a surround-based 5.1/6.1 set up. If you like the KEF Q Series and intend to capitalize on the full potential of movie soundtracks, the Q6c is
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Kef hts1001 stands

FLOOR SPEAKER STANDS FOR KEF SATELLITES. It your tastes gravitate towards more modern pieces, then the HTS1001’s will be a great match. Sturdy bases and sleek lines make this an overall winning package. The stands are just different enough to make them stand out without being so different that they act as a distraction.

KEF iQ7 Speakers

KEF has a long history, as far as I can remember they where there. In the 80’s you mostly got 4 choices of speakers (at least in Canada): KEF, B&W, Quads and Paradigm. A lot of friends of mine bought the reference line at this time (mainly on the used market but who cares). I
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