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Jbl professional series lsr4326p studio monitors

WELL PRICED PROFESSIONAL STUDIO MONITORS I think that these are a wonderful addition to any studio set up. Whether you have a professional studio or a home studio that you just like to play around with, the JBL professional series lsr4326p studio monitors will work great. The sound is phenomenal and they are affordable too!

Jbl hti-55 5″ dual 2-way 120 watt in-wall speaker

IN-WALL SPEAKER THAT ROUND OUT SOUND WELL This is a clean, rich and clear sounding speaker that works well in any room and is great for using with a home theater system. You can install the speaker vertically or horizontally for convenience. Overall, this is a good quality speaker. If only it matched other JBL’s!

JBL VRX900 Series Line Array

Road-proven VerTec Series components help propel this small, affordable Constant Curvature Line Array range. Whether introducing new self-powered or passive components, JBL refuses to rest on its loudspeaker laurels while continually expanding the company’s product line to fulfill yet another pro audio niche. I recently had the opportunity to put the new VRX Series Line
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Blue Sky system 5.1

One of the hardest tasks in putting together a surround monitoring system is finding the individual parts. It’s not uncommon to have a subwoofer, bass manager, monitor controller, and monitors all from different vendors, which makes assembling and interfacing a system sometimes harder than it should be. And when you add the individual costs of
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JBL LSR4328P Studio Monitors

The new JBL LSR4328P powered studio monitors are designed for critical stereo and multichannel audio production applications that require exceptional spectral accuracy and high SPL capability. Since so much of today’s music production is completed in acoustically untreated rooms, the LSR4300 Series was developed to compensate for those environments. It is the first professional monitor
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