Iodata LCD-MF241XWR LCD Monitor

Iodata has recently announced its latest 24-inch LCD-MF241XWR in white color. Its black colored model is LCD-MF241WBR. The monitor features […]

Iodata LCD-MF241WBR

. Iodata recently announced its latest LCD-MF241WBR in Black color. It will be available from August 10 at an expected […]

Iodata DVRP-UN8LX DVD drive

. Iodata recently announced its new DVD Drive DVRP-UN8LX, a successor to DVRP-UN8PL2 introduced in December last year. The latest […]

Iodata LCD-A155GW2

. Iodata has recently introduced its 15 type liquid crystal display LCD-A155GW2 in white color. It will be available this […]

Iodata DVR-UW8DP2 DVD CD Writer

.I-O Data has recently added one more feather in its cap with the introduction of its all new novelty the […]