Kimber Kable Interconnect and Speaker Cable review

Kimber Kable Interconnects and Speaker Cables

Specifications: Tonik 1.0 meter Interconnect with Ultratike RCA type connectors: Varistrand(Trademark) Ultra-pure copper Tri-braid geometry PE dielectric (Cp) parallel capacitance: […]

Zebra XLR Interconnect Cables

Zebra XLR Interconnect Cables

Specifications AES/EBU Digital Audio Cable Specifications: Made from Belden’s 1800F Cable Total Number of Conductors: 2 24 AWG .024″ stranded […]

Cardas Crosslink Interconnects review

Cardas Crosslink Interconnects

Specifications: Outside Diameter: .305 Dielectric Type: Teflon® RCA Capacitance: 36.9 pf/ft XLR Capacitance: 22.8 pf/ft Discrete Conductors: 68 Cable AWG: […]

Homegrown Audio Silver Lace and DNA Interconnects

Homegrown Audio Silver Lace and DNA Interconnects

Specifications: DNA proprietary substrate that optimizes conductor placement and reduces microphonic vibrations all natural cotton dielectric used throughout solid silver […]

Stager Silver Solids Interconnects review

Stager Silver Solids Interconnects

Specifications: Design: Unshielded symmetrical pair Ultra low 11 pF/ft. Capacitance. Wire: .999 pure silver 24 ga. (.020″ diameter) solid core […]

Anti-Cable Digital Interconnects

Anti-Cable Digital Interconnects

Specifications: Single shielded version 1.5-meter length $150 Triple shielded version 1.5-meter length $150 For regular readers of A$$A you will […]

Interconnects cables

Anti-Cable Speaker Wire & Interconnects

Specifications: Anti-Cable Speaker wire: With the two wires spaced about 6-12 inches away from each other: Resistance = 0.00318 Ohms/foot […]