Roku hits 100 channels

We have reported a lot on Roku and their channels before, such as when they added Hulu Plus and PlayOn […]

Just for fun: Kinect hits

Since the Kinect has sold one million units, it is pretty much a hit. I thought I would celebrate the […]

LG OLED TV Hits South Korean Stores

LG Electronic’s thinnest OLED TVs are now available in South Korean stores which peculiarly don’t have model numbers specified on […]

LG SL8000 LCD HDTV Hits Russia!

LG Electronics’ Borderless SL8000 LCD HDTV has been released in Russia which boasts of a single-layer screen with the TV […]

Epsons EB-825 projector hits India

. It seems that Indian home theater enthusiasts have one more projector option to choose from as Epson has recently […]