EIZO FlexScan SX2762W IPS LCD Display

EIZO intros its latest 27-inch FlexScan SX2762W IPS LCD display designed especially for graphic designers, CAD/CAM, DTP professionals, and digital […]

Ezio FlexScan EV2303W-T LCD Monitor

Ezio recently added a 20inch model to the FlexScan line-up. And now they have introduced the 23-inch FlexScan EV2303W-T LCD […]

Eizo Flexscan S2402W-H LCD Display

Eizo has recently announced a new screen LCD, named S2402W-H in Japan. The 24-inch LCD boasts of incredibly clear and […]

FlexScan S2231W-E LCD Display

. FlexScan S2231W-E LCD Display is a 22-inch Monitor scheduled to reach markets from November 22nd. The LCD Display 1,680?1,050 […]

Eizo FlexScan S2432W-H LCD Monitor

The Japanese corporation of Eizo has recently announced the details, launch date, and price of their new LCD Monitor on […]