Epsons new projector, the ES1000

Epson has a lot of projectors out like the PowerLite X9 and the Cinema EH-TW3600. This particular projector doesn’t seem […]

Epsons EB-825 projector hits India

. It seems that Indian home theater enthusiasts have one more projector option to choose from as Epson has recently […]

Epsons G5000 projector

. Do you fall into the group that actually has windows in their home theater or wherever your projector may […]

Epsons EH-TW3000 Projector

. Finally, a projector that won’t exactly break the bank. Epson has announced the release of it’s EH-TW3000 projector priced […]

Epsons ST120 HTPC

Looking for a fully functional HTPC solution for your home theater, but don’t have the room to spare for one […]