Elecom Actrail headphones

Headphones made for iPod/iPhone products aren’t exactly rare, but I have to admire what Elecom has done with this. The […]

Elecom Final Fantasy XIV Speakers

I have no idea what these speakers have to do with Final Fantasy, but these Final Fantasy XIV from Elecom […]

Elecom EHP-IN20 Headphones

Elecom EHP-IN20 Headphones.Elecom has recently presented the EHP-IN20 Headphones which they claim to be the best solution for your iPhone […]

Elecom Display Port Dongles

Here is a new doohickey from Elecom. If you are a proud owner of a MacBook Pro, Mac Mini or […]

Elecom XCALGO EHP-OH900 Headphones

Music is a passion for us. We enjoy listening music anywhere and anytime. However, the problem of carrying high-digital bass […]

Elecom CR550 Speakers

. Elecom, Japan, has recently announced the launch of CR550 Speakers. Two versions of the speakers are available. While the […]

Elecom presents new SSD Drives

Elecom has a catalog that goes from speakers to keyboards, but their latest product is related to storage capacity, more […]

Elecom MS-130 Multimedia Speakers

Markets may be flooded with a disparate range of speakers, but the latest Elecom MS-130 Multimedia speaker set offers the […]