3D-R screen at CES China 2008

. T-WORKS Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of next generation screen displays, has recently launched its new 3-dimensional rear screen called […]

Blu-ray discs make it to China

Everyone knows piracy of all shapes and sizes is most rampant in Asia, but Sony doesn’t care. They have recently […]

Xindak MT-3 Tube Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Specifications: Tube: EL34*4, 12AX7*1, 6N8P (6SN7GT)*2 Output power: 18wpc (Triode), 40wpc (Pentode) THD: 0.2%(1KHz) Frequency Response: 10Hz~70KHz SNR: 89dB Input […]

Radii ALP-01R Remote Line Preamplifier

Radii ALP-01R Remote Line Preamplifier

Specifications: Output Impedance: 800 ohm Frequency Response: 10Hz to 100,000Hz Harmonic Distortion: less than 0.1% Tube Complement: 12AU7 x3, 5AR4 […]

BADA HD-22 CD Player Review

BADA HD-22 CD Player

Specifications: Philips Laserhead and Transport BurrBrown PCM1732 HDCD D/A Chipset Uses a single 6N3 tube 96KHz/24Bit digital output HDCD Filter […]