Santok SMC1000 Boombox iPod dock

Santok has presented its latest iPod dock which is marks the difference from the rest thanks to its visual. What […]

The HJ-69 MP5 Boombox

Here is a new Boombox from China. The HJ-69 MP5 Boombox boasts 3.5” LCD screen in its framework of 205 […]

Sony ZS-S4iP Boombox

. Sony has introduced its newest ZS-S4iP Boombox, packed with various interesting and sophisticated features. It supports a tray, which […]

Panasonic RX-MDX83 Boombox

. Panasonic Japan has announced a sexy audio system named RX-MDX83 Boombox. Apart from delivering a playback of CD, it […]


The Ghettobasics boombox is music lover’s delight. It is designed by Andreas Kraeftner. The users can enjoy music through the […]

Sony ZS-BT1 wireless boombox

Wherever there is an occasion to celebrate, music comes in mind at once. At your home if you get to […]

Parrot Bluetooth Boombox

Everyone knows about Parrot’s affinity to Bluetooth and they have released some great Bluetooth enabled digital frames and headphones. Now […]