Top Rated Bluetooth Headsets

One of the most sought after accessories today is the Bluetooth headset. Most electronic devices in the hands of the […]

Jabra HALO Bluetooth Stereo Headset

. Jabra HALO Jabra HALO is a wireless Bluetooth stereo headset that allows users to enjoy their favorite audio tracks […]

Sony DR-BT22 Bluetooth Headphones

. Sony recently announced its latest model of Bluetooth Headphones DR-BT22 priced approximately 3,000 Yen. The headset is designed for […]

LG 32PG6000 Plasma TV with bluetooth

LG has recently announced the launch of its 32 inch 32PG6000 Plasma TV with Bluetooth functionality. This HD Ready Plasma […]

Sony VGPBMS33W BlueTooth Laser Mouse

. Sony recently launched its BlueTooth Laser Mouse VGPBMS33W with a stylish design. This smooth mouse is a delight to […]