Dusty Springfield, The Look of Love cover

Dusty Springfield – The Look of Love

Dusty Springfield’s voice is intoxicating: Smooth, sultry and sexy. On the audiophile old chestnut, Casino Royale Soundtrack, “The Look of Love” […]

Frank Zappa, Hot Rats

Frank Zappa, Hot Rats

In many ways, Frank Zappa was an enigma. Somewhat clown-like in his personal presentation, this persona masked a kind of […]

Stephen Stills—Just Roll Tape

Stephen Stills – Just Roll Tape

This LP, which is very much worth owning, is desirable for reasons that are, perhaps, different from those of other LPs […]

Dexter Gordon—Doin’ Allright cover

Dexter Gordon – Doin’ Allright

The big man (he was six feet, six inches tall) Dexter Gordon is one of jazz’s great tenor saxophonists. Doin’ Allright, […]

Jon Pousette-Dart—Volume 1 cover

Jon Pousette-Dart – Volume 1

As are many, if not most, music enthusiasts, I’m a sucker for music that takes me back to my teen […]