Acer P223WBbid Monitor

Acer’s P223WBbid another 22-inch Monitor in black will soon be available in the Japan markets. With the Pixel pitch of […]

Acer K330 Projector

Acer has come forth today to show us their latest projector dubbed the K330. This projector features a WXGA resolution […]

Acer HN274H and HS244HQ 3D monitors

We have reported on Acer’s recent activities before with the H27H Full HD 27-inch Monitor (Now Available in Europe) and […]

Acer Shows Off H5360BD 3D Projector

While there are many different options to choose from when going the 3D route, many displays are priced quite high. Luckily, there […]

Acer Shows Off C112 Pico Projector

While there  is surely a whole slew of consumers that swear by their HD (or sometimes 3D) touting televisions, many consumers have […]

Acer Shows off P5403 Projector

. Acer has just come forward to show us one of their latest projectors dubbed the P5403. This 3D capable […]