Philips hts3400d/37

CHEAP HOME THEATER IN A BOX. If you find this system on sale for 50% off it might be worth […]

Yamaha ns-iw760 2-way speaker

DEEP LOWS AND CLEAR HIGHS ON THIS IN-WALL LOUDSPEAKER. This speaker sounds good whether used for home theater reasons or […]

Yamaha ns- p236

A SET OF 6 SMALL SURROUNDS + SUB If you’re looking to add basic surround sound for movies, television, etc. […]

Rca rtd207 home theater system

INEXPENSIVE HOME THEATER IN A BOX KIT. Underpowered performance makes this home theater in a box kit inappropriate for standard […]

Kef hts1001 stands

FLOOR SPEAKER STANDS FOR KEF SATELLITES. It your tastes gravitate towards more modern pieces, then the HTS1001’s will be a […]

Fender 1270 pa monitor

TEN-INCH FLOOR MONITOR FOR THE STAGE. Great for one or two-man acts. If you have an acoustic duo, for instance, […]

Sony sa-wm500 150 watt

MID PRICED HOME THEATER SUBWOOFER. The Sony SA-WM500 is an excellent choice for the home theater crowd. Its inexpensive price […]