TACET Release Beethoven and Mozart on DVD-Audio and SACD

TACET continue to hedge their bets by releasing Beethoven and Mozart on DVD-Audio and SACD this month.

Andreas Spreer of TACET:

Both – long awaited – new releases show how TACET tries to get the best out of that current difficult DVD-Audio/SACD situation: We simply choose the medium which is better suited for the recording.

Regarding the Beethoven string quartets Vol.2 it must definitely be – just as with Vol.1 – a DVD-Audio. Look at the huge playing time of 283 minutes. The string quartets op. 59 nos. 1 to 3 and 74 in the famous and fabulous version of the Auryn Quartet once in TACET Real Surround Sound and once in Moving Real Surround Sound. This is not possible with SACD.

Different with the brilliantly and joyfully played ‘Tube Only Night Music’ by the Polish Chamber Orchestra and Wojciech Rajski. ‘Tube only’ is more dedicated to the stereo recording which is stored on the SACD. And thus this stereo version can be enjoyed on a normal CD player. This is not possible with DVD-Audio.

Both decisions have nothing to do with sound quality of surround sound. TACET Real Surround Sound recordings are equally spectacular on both formats.

That explains that then, and for the uninitiated, a ‘tube’ is what Americans call a ‘valve’, as-in a tube or valve amplifier. Disc details are as follows:

The Auryn Series, ‘Auryn’s Beethoven, String Quartets Vol.2 (of 4) perfomed by the Auryn Quartet.

The Tube Only Night Music, W.A. Mozart, ‘A Little Night Music’ and ‘Divertimenti’, performed by the Polish Chamber Orchestra conducted by Wojciech Rajski.

DVD-Audio and SACD releases from TACETDVD-Audio and SACD releases from TACET