TACET – Mozart Flute Quartet New Release

The latest release from TACET features the Gaede Trio and Wolfgang Schulz playing Mozart Flute Quartets.


Mozart’s Flute Quartets are far from easy to play. Although they are extremely popular amongst casual musicians, they hold a lot of difficulties for the players, not least because of the instruction to make the music sound light and effortless like child’s play. The “naпve joyousness” which the flute quartets are intended to convey might have contributed to their reputation of not being the height of Mozart’s creativity. And yet they are true jewels, both of melodic inspiration and witty dialogue between the instruments. For these works as for others, there is not a note too many or too few in the score.

The TACET DVD-Audio release was recorded in a remote monastery in the Austrian mountains where the peaceful atmosphere greatly contributed to its success. The DVD-Audio disc features TACET Real Surround sound – multi-channel 3/2.0 audio – (cat: D107), and a two-channel CD version is also available (cat: T107).

TACET - Mozart Flute QuartetsTACET – Mozart Flute Quartets