TACET Beethoven String Quartets – The Longest DVD-Audio Title

The latest DVD-Audio title from TACET is a recording of Beethoven’s String Quartets op. 18, nos. 1-6, the first in a series of four discs from the Auryn Quartet, Matthias Lingenfelder and Jens Oppermann (violin), Stewart Eaton (viola) and Andreas Arndt (violoncello).

Andreas Spreer of TACET adds the following notes about the recording:

It is tempting to go into more detail about the musical charms of this new DVD-Audio. After all, the TACET CD Edition, available on four double CDs, has already won the Classical Internet Award. But our new DVD-Audio edition, of which this disc is the first in the series, offers us the opportunity to present something new and exciting in the sphere of DVD-Audio and SACD. Thanks to the leading position in the field of surround sound which we at TACET reached back in 2000 with our first DVD-Audio, we have, not surprisingly, been confronted with technical novelties earlier than other labels.

Andreas continues and adds some interesting observations about DVD-Audio vs. SACD, especially in light of his label now releasing titles in Super Audio CD:

With 312 minutes playing time this must surely be the longest DVD-Audio the world has ever seen. This just shows what an edge DVD-Audio technology has over the SACD: the capacity for enormously long playing time. This disc has this great length because it contains the entire contents twice: once in TACET Real Surround Sound and also – as an added bonus – in Moving Real Surround Sound. Both versions offer something substantially new in comparison with all recordings up to now. The Auryn Quartet provides the listener – even those without any formal musical training or education – a deeper insight into the almost boundless variety of Beethoven’s thought processes than ever before. The two Surround-Sound versions complement and to a certain extent affect each other. Each in its own special way brings the listener closer to what is happening. It would be a great pity to dispense with either of them! Surprises are guaranteed.

The SACD cannot do this. Its sound quality is just as high. But the playing time is only in the range of a normal CD or slightly longer.

“So certain new recordings with special designs will in future have to be released on DVD-Audio. Recordings in “simple” TACET Real Surround Sound and a playing time of the order of a CD can on the other hand be provided on either SACD or DVD-Audio by TACET.

Auryn’s Beethoven’ (volume one) is TACET D124 and available now, the label will shortly be introducing volume two.

Auryn's Beethoven, TACET D124Auryn’s Beethoven, TACET D124