T.O.O.B. Dome Screens

T.O.O.B. unveils an omni-directional digital dome screen which can certainly offer another dimension on how we can watch movies or play games. The new T.O.O.B. dome screens can really be something worth adding to the home theater collections most people have these days.

The dome screen is a brainchild of Alexander Marten McDonnell who got the idea one night and sketched it right away. He wanted to produce a big screen that can accommodate that growing fad for 3D visualization. And then the rest followed and alas, the T.O.O.B. dome screen was born.

The T.O.O.B. dome screen doesn’t come cheap though. It will retail for about $1,400 though the T.O.O.B. site reportedly offers them for rent.

(Source) Cool Hunting