Infinity Kappa 200 Loudspeakers Front and side

Infinity Kappa 200 Loudspeakers

2 way Bookshelf Loudspeaker 1-6.5 inch CMMD Driver 1- 1inch CMMD Tweeter Rear Ported Gold Plated Posts, Bi-wiring Necessary 50-27Khz […]

Electra Print 300DRD

Electra Print 300DRD

In 1906, American physicist Lee DeForest invents the audio tube, which is a three-electrode version of John A. Fleming’s electronic […]

Adcom 535 Power Amplifier

60 watts per channel, 20Hz – 20kHz into an 8 ohm load with both channels driven with less than 0.09% […]

Linn Keilidhs speakers

Linn Keilidhs Compact Tower Speakers

Type: 2 way loudspeaker with crossover at 2.8kHz Frequency response 50Hz – 20kHz +/-2dB, 1m on axis. Input impedance: 4 […]

Outlaw RR 2150

Outlaw Audio RR 2150 Stereo Receiver

Audio Section Continuous Average Power: 100 watts per channel, 20 Hz – 20kHz,<0.03% THD, both channels driven into 8 ohms […]

Totem Dreamcatcher speakers

Totem Dreamcatcher Speakers

Manufacturer: Totem Acoustics Saint-Leonard Quebec, Canada Type: Compact 2-way bookshelf speaker, rear ported Frequency Response: 57 Hz – 25kHz Impedence: […]

Cambridge Audio Dac 3

Cambridge Audio DAC 3

Searching for an opinion to get more out of my Onkyo CD-Player, I found the Cambridge Dac 3 to complete […]