SymDec 16 plus four, a new digital video recorder (DVR)

GE Security, Inc. today announced its new SymDec 16 plus four, a new digital video recorder (DVR) with capability to support traditional analog and GE Security’s SymSuite IP cameras. The SymDec plus 4 is the first DVR in GE Security’s with the SymDec 16 plus 4, customers can simultaneously capture 16 channels of analog recording and four streams of IP recording in real time at D1 resolution with MPEG-04 compression.

GE Security’s SymDec 16 plus four new analog-digital recording platform allows a whippy migration path to IP video recording allowing customers to keep on using their existent installed analog equipment.

SymDec 16 plus 4 is equipped with a unique alarm indicator light bar, four audio inputs, up to 3 Terra Bytes of internal storage, cooling Tunnel™ design to extend hard drive life and DVD burner. GE’s Security’s SymDec 16 plus 4 is on display at the ISC West show from March 28-30 in Las Vegas.

Via: Businesswire