Syba RCG RC-VIS62002 Pico Projector

.The projector world has got a new entry by the name Syba RCG RC-VIS62002 PicoProjector. Launched by Syba, recently this projector is a sure shot way of delivering a perfect presentation with its powerful features. It is capable of delivering 10 Lumens VGA 640 x 480 resolution.

The new Syba RCG RC-VIS62002 Pico Projector Measuring 3.75 x 2.125 x 1.75” in dimensions, this new projector weighs just 0.42 lbs. It is powerful enough to support up to 1024 x 768 pixel. Be it personal entertainment of business presentation, you can trust this projector for its superb projection.

Syba’s RCG RC-VIS62002 Pico Projector features video interface with composite video and PC VGA connection. It can project on a screen of up to 40” at a maximum distance of 1.5 meter. It consumes power less than 15Watts. With Syba RCG RC-VIS62002 PicoProjector you get a device with VGA connection and composite video connections.