Syabas Popcorn Hour C-200 Network Media Tank

This product fits its billing to the T. Called a Network Media Tank, the Syabas Popcorn Hour C-200 should be the ideal solution for bringing digital movies, photos, and music to your living room via Ethernet or WiFi. You can also use another option which is by the usual USB drives or internal hard disk drives which can store various media files for your multimedia pleasure.

The whole lot costs $300 but excludes a hard drive. Built at about the size of a Blu-ray player, it can practically accommodate all files of any size and thanks to the flexibility of storage, the amount of files to be stored and played will totally depend up to you.

Unfortunately it lacks in the area of user-friendliness. Unless you are a techie geek, don’t be surprised if you end up groping to operate it. But then again, at $300, don’t expect to get the whole pie since something has got to be missing.

(Source) Dvice