Syabas Popcorn C200 Nex-Gen Media Streaming Settop Box

Syabas, the maker of the award wining Popcorn Hour A-110 has recently announced the Popcorn C-200, the next-generation Internet settop box. It is an innovative Internet settop box that comes with the capacity to stream digital contents from the internet or internal hard drive to your home stereo and television set. To install a hard drive for storing and playing back downloaded content, the settop box supports a front-loading drive bay and for fast file transfer, the box utilizes a gigabit Ethernet connection.

The C-200 supports more than 30 Internet audio and video file types such as Windows Media, MPEG 1, 2, 4, AVI, H.264, MKV – sweet and Xvid. It comes with a wireless RF remote control and an LCD display for easy searching, streaming and downloading content. The incredible Popcorn C-200 is likely to be available in July for $299. For more information, log on to