Sweex TV019 LCD TV

Sweex recently came up with its 19” LCD TV TV019 with an integrated DVD Player. The in-built DVD player not only adds to the usability but also let the users save expenses of buying a separate DVD Player.

You can make the TV work as a PC monitor as well as a television. Offering a resolution of 1,440×900 pixels, the TV lets the users enjoy high quality images and video on the screen with no distortion. The resolution is changed to 1,280×1,024 when it is viewed in PC mode. You have to use a VGA connector to connect the display to a PC as it does not have a DVI port. Not only this, the Scart and S-Video connectors are used for TV.

The LCD TV is available for ?237 which is not a high price to pay for looking at the features it offers.

Via: PC Advisor