Sweet Home Theatre Setups – Titanic

I’ve seen a whole lot of home  theatre setups since I started doing this, and some of them are downright amazing.  Without question, the ones that seem MOST amazing are the themed home theatre setups.  While a large number favors Star Trek designs, there are plenty of others.  One of those comes from a family down in Tennessee who built a home theatre around the big dome on the Titanic from the movie of the same name, Titanic.

And while that layout looks amazing enough in and of itself–over twelve hundred strands of fiber optic lights simulate the night sky–there’s also plenty of amazing components in that theatre.  Acoustic panels counteract the dome’s natural propensity to be terrible for sound.  It features the first ever CinemaScope installation with a Vidikron projector in Tennessee.  Several of the doors are MOTORIZED, including the door that leads into the attached bar.

Yes of COURSE it has an attached bar.

This is one truly sweet home theatre setup that can’t help but elicit gasps of shock and stunned awe from anyone who sees it.  Tell me you didn’t gasp when you saw that!  I did! I’m not afraid to admit it, either, because I know a sweet home theatre setup when I see it.