Sweet Home Theatre Setups-Thomas Pindelski

So while cruising around looking for things to write about, I found Thomas Pindelski’s blog, which has undergone a couple different revisions.  And if can get past his rather pompous pronouncements on the nature of film as a medium, he’s got a shot of his admittedly sweet home theatre setup, which definitely doesn’t want for room.

See, he’s built it in a converted GARAGE.  He’s got the standard components–a projector with screen, a surround sound speaker array (or at least a three-speaker, he’s just got the one shot) and what looks like a subwoofer included.

Now, this actually sounds like a better idea than it really is.  Sure, he’s got room enough for absolutely everything he wants to do or include in there, but he’s got at least two significant problems that I can see.  One, it looks like he’s got some light issues.  That is a LOT of light in there, and the best theatres are in interior or otherwise windowless rooms where light levels can be as close to completely controlled as possible.  Two, there’s a lot of empty space, which means there’s a really, REALLY good chance that he’s going to have some acoustic / sound issues.

There’s more than enough room to grow with Thomas Pindelski’s sweet home theatre setup, but that may be its curse as well as its blessing.