Sweet Home Theatre Setups – The Star Trek Home Theatre


Trekkies, listen up–if you’ve got fifteen grand burning a hole in your pocket, you too can have a vague simulacra of the Enterprise bridge JUST LIKE THIS ONE and pack it full of sweet AV gear, allowing you to have a, very similar to this, Star Trek home theatre of your very own.  Created by Gary Reighn, this theatre has been featured in numerous articles and television shows.  Add us to the list, Gary, because this one’s a beauty.

That’s right, folks, the budget on this incredible monster was fifteen grand, and he tricked it out in grand style.  While he didn’t use that optimal chocolate brown finish, instead, he used a kind of sound dampening board and colored it in the various shades a Star Trek vessel might use.  it’s got ports galore for video games and other systems, a 720p projector, a replica of the original Enterprise’s builder’s plate, and a variety of home theatre seating options.  In fact, his rear seats are just ordinary office recliners which he bought at the now-defunct Circuit City.

For sparing no expense and going where no man has gone before, in every sense, this has to qualify as a sweet home theatre setup.