Sweet Home Theatre Setups – The Matrix

So what do you do with a space in your home that’s thirty three feet deep, nineteen feet wide and eleven feet deep when you’ve got nine hundred grand to put in there?  Well, you could probably just about fill that room if you broke it down into singles first and stacked them up.

But then, if you did that, you wouldn’t be able to watch movies on truly awesome hardware in a room that looks like it was pulled whole and breathing from The Matrix.

Yeah.  We’re talking about the Matrix sweet home theatre setup!

Indeed, it runs as sweet as it looks, with a Runco DTV-1101 projector on a four-way screen, with video processor, DVD management systems,  and an eight-speaker surround sound array with amplifiers.

It’s hard to believe that this laundry list of videophile joygasm on a bun is actually just the sideshow to the incredible detail and green and black industrial / techno style of this room, but it is.  Just talking about it gives me a thin runnel of drool out of the corner of my mouth.

Mmmm…vaguely cruel computer simulation…

Okay, so the Homer Simpson joke might be a smidge old (hey, it’s still on TV, after all) but it does apply.  This really is a sweet home theatre setup for a whole panoply of reasons.