Sweet Home Theatre Setups-The Italian

When a couple in Cooperstown, Pennsylvania decided that they were going to build a home theater, they didn’t just want something with a lot of flashy components and high-dollar hardware.  They wanted something that would take them to another place.  And the place they wanted to go more than any other, aside of course for their home in Cooperstown, was Italy.

The site of their honeymoon and occasional business trips, this young couple (one of whom was a custom homebuilder) took a hundred and fifty grand and a stack of photos and set out to build their very own theatre in the grandest Italian style.

What they got is what you see at right.  There’s a HomeLogic touchscreen to handle the room’s intensive automation and fully thirty two thousand dollars worth of speaker technology.  But there’s also a fake deli in there, with fake cheese and salami, and the power plugs are hidden by bits of sewer pipe.

They went to spectacular lengths to replicate Italy, and in the process, they made one sweet home theatre setup.