Sweet Home Theatre Setups-The Death Star Home Theatre

There are times when I’m quite literally stunned by some of the sweet home theatre setups I’ve seen out there, and this is definitely one of those times.

It’s not the components that blow me away…but rather the incredible amount of detail that went into this scale model reproduction of the Death Star.

The space is a total of twenty two feet across, and contains an array of AV equipment (specifics were rather short on that point) as well as a collection of Star Wars memorabilia and a fiber optic star field.

This isn’t so much an advisory home theatre setup as it is a possibility.  This is what you can do with your space if you’ve got the time and the cash and a pathological love of Star Wars.  However, this isn’t just a showpiece for Star Wars hardware–this is a fully functional setup.  In fact, the sound is regarded as excellent in that room.  It’s commonly regarded that “theme rooms” don’t have the best sound, probably owing to too many things acting as sound baffles.

But one thing’s clear–this is a SWEET home theatre setup.