Sweet Home Theatre Setups – Texas Style

Everything’s bigger down in Texas, and when it comes to the home theatre department, there’s a couple in Texas who will insist that the home theatres apply to this maxim too.

Given a budget of twenty thousand dollars and a choice as to whether to put in a home theatre or a swimming pool, the couple in question did NOT go with the pool and instead went with a magnificent home theatre.

You can see from the pic that it’s in that dark chocolate brown necessary for the best contrast, and the list of equipment shows an incredible array of technology, so much so that it’s no real surprise that this theatre ran about five grand over budget.  To be fair, however, only about twelve grand of the total budget was equipment–the remaining thirteen large was for tools like a miter saw and a nail gun to construct the whole thing.

But with all that equipment and that excellent attention to detail, this qualifies as a pure-on sweet home theatre setup.