Sweet Home Theatre Setups: Jerry Rice

Want to know who’s got a really sweet home theatre setup?  Jerry Rice.

Of course, it’s got all the great components you’d expect–a one hundred twenty three inch projector screen, hidden speakers with a projecting stage ahead of the screen, a dozen really impressive-looking Cinelounger chairs (seriously, these things look comfortable as all hell–almost like beanbags with a rigid frame), all that  sort of thing.  But it’s ALSO got a fully stocked snack bar complete with neon “Refreshments” sign above it.  That’s really amazing, frankly.

Home theatre isn’t just about the sum total of the components; some of the most interesting home theatres, like DeVan Shumway’s spectacular Kodak Theatre reproduction in his basement, actually LOOK LIKE THEATRES.  Jerry Rice’s, meanwhile, definitely looks like a theatre with wood panelling and wall sconce lighting, recessed lighting  in the ceiling, and these spectacular ceiling lights with huge glass covers.  It puts me in mind of the old Pantages Theatre in Toronto before it tragically burned down several years ago.  That was a beautiful theater, and so is Jerry Rice’s.

Here’s the fun part, though–the price tag.  This sucker set him back fully TWO HUNDRED GRAND.  To Jerry Rice, of course, two hundred grand is about what two hundred bucks is to us, but still: it’s a sweet home theatre setup.