Sweet Home Theatre Setups-Donnie Wahlberg

This’ll amaze you, make no mistake–Donnie Wahlberg has a really sweet home theatre setup.  That by itself isn’t the amazing part, but what IS is that his home theatre could actually be built and operated by average human beings.

I know–a celebrity with a home theatre feasible to own by the common man?  I’m really blown away.  It’s a four-seater theatre, with home theatre seating with cup holders and such–I’ve seen similar to these available at even Art Van, so it’s not like they’re special order jobs or something.  It’s got a ninety-two inch projection screen with a DLP projector and surround sound apparatus in the walls with a subwoofer, controlled by one single in-wall touch panel.

It sounds pricey, and make no mistake if you go for the top end of all the systems you’d be talking ten, fifteen thousand dollars in components. But if you buy everything piecemeal over the course of several months, and not always the top-end stuff, you should be able to at least come close to this level of home theater bliss within your budget and within a year.

It’s true, Donnie Wahlberg’s got a sweet home theatre setup, but the best part of it is that it’s actually a sweet home theatre setup that you could own.  Or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof.