Sweet Home Theatre Setups-Dennis Heinle

Over at Geektonic, a guy named Dennis Heinle wrote in to show off pics of his home theatre and also write up the process into building it.

He’s definitely got everything well in hand with his description.  He’s got all the right components, like a Blu-ray player, a 1080i projector, a motorized projector screen, along with a variety of wall-embedded speakers and receivers.  The room is painted in a very light brown, which isn’t exactly nominal but it’s definitely close enough for government work.  Plus, he’s got it in the basement, ensuring that he’ll have the lowest possible light level when he needs it.

He’s got the costs of all the components broken down by individual pieces–all told, he only spent about thirty five hundred dollars on this (yeah, I know, some only!) and considering that he even went so far as to get speciallized lighting controls and surplus star-shaped sconces from an old Disney hotel, you know he went as far as he could go with it reasonably.

Dennis Heinle has a sweet home theatre setup, no two ways about it.