Sweet Home Theatre Setup: TomF

So today, we’ve got a picture, along with a whole panoply of specs, all of which you can catch here, of another sweet home theatre setup.  Over on the AV Science Forum, TomF has posted his theatre, which is really rather impressive, even if it doesn’t look it at face value.

He’s gone relatively basic with his setup, putting some really high-quality components in his family room.  He’s gone so far as to install Targus laptop cooler mats under some of the equipment to help against overheating, and frankly, I really hadn’t thought that HD DVRs had that great an overheating risk.

What strikes me directly is that he’s put this equipment in at least a ground level or possibly second floor room, because, and I could be wrong, there looks like plenty of natural light coming in.  Though it doesn’t look like screen glare is a problem in this case, it may depend somewhat on the time of day the picture was taken.  Really, folks, the best possible room you can put a home theatre setup in is a windowless room, or failing that, a basement with small windows.  The darker you can make the room, the better the result will be.

But from the looks of things, TomF may not have too much problem in that regard, so raise your popcorn bucket to TomF for another sweet home theatre setup!

And folks, if you want YOUR home theatre included in these, just drop us a line!  Links to your theatre are great, as are any pics.