Sweet Home Theatre Setup – The Stargate

Sometimes, a home theatre setup isn’t just sweet, it’s also kind of sad.  Call this a bittersweet home theatre setup.  See, someone shelled out a whole lot of bank to assemble that theatre you see at right, and yes, that IS a replica of the Stargate from the movies and TV shows of the same name.

It’s got some excellent components, like a Control 4 system, Blu-ray player, and four Atlantic Technology speakers in the walls.  But the centerpiece of the room–which is also it’s biggest flaw, more on that in a minute–is the replica of the Stargate…


The guy basically neutered his projector screen, cutting off the edges so that he could accommodate the Stargate.  That’s an incredible waste of space, and who knows how much of the movie’s gone missing at any given time?

Ah well…for being a fantastic idea that went a bit off the rails, it’s still a pretty sweet home theatre setup.