Sweet Home Theatre Setup – The Sci-Fi Home Theatre

So what do you think a hundred grand and an almost pathological love of science fiction will get you?  Well, if you’re self-proclaimed mad scientist Dr. David Winn, you get the thing you see at right–a science fiction home theatre with more props and sweet components than you ever thought you’d see in one place.

Unless, of course, you come here regularly.  Then this kind of thing is just run of the mill.

Anyway, this particular sweet home theatre setup features a projection screen with a roughly forty-three foot diagonal.  Yes, forty three FEET.  It’s twenty five by thirty five.  He’s got a second hundred and forty four inch screen that broadcasts a moving star field, non stop.  He’s got life-size replicas of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Predator, and a life-size Robbie the Robot.  He’s going for a “spaceship transporting deadly aliens” theme, and boy did he ever succeed.

No doubt, this is a sweet home theatre setup with all sorts of great stuff included.